Summer 2017 Count Procedures

In order to assist you in preparing for the Summer Count, please refer to the procedures below.

The RETRIEVAL DATE will be on August 9. The COUNT DATES are as follows:

  • Subsession = F : count date is June 2  (courses are active between May 15 and June 23)
  • Session = Y : count date is June 30 (courses are active between May 15 and August 14)
  • Subsession = S : count date is July 24 (courses are active between July 4 and August 14)

In other words, there will be a count date tied in to the session or subsession indicating when the course is operating.

On each COUNT DATE, all academic activities that were approved on or before the associated  COUNT DATE  (as shown above) will be picked up for each student. Academic activities that do not have APProved status on or before the relevant COUNT DATE will be excluded. Students without any APProved academic activities falling within the appropriate count dates shown above will NOT be included in the retrieval. There is no need to “freeze” processing to ROSI records anytime during the count retrieval process as long as all amendments have the correct effective date associated with them.

  1. Please run the COUNT-DATE-PREPARATION programs in ROSI – direct command

4 B B as early as you can before the count retrieval date (August 9). These programs will help you identify student records that may require adjustments. Examine the outputs and enter corrections/changes to the student records on or before the retrieval date.

  1. As in past years, it is essential that data such as LEGAL STATUS and COUNTRY OF CITIZENSHIP be complete. We have very little leeway for ‘not reported’ data in DATE OF BIRTH and MOTHER TONGUE, so please make these as complete as you can. It is also important that permanent address be available. The ROSI program “Registrations Containing Anomalous Data – direct command 4 B B G will be of assistance in identifying records needing data adjustment.
  2. On the evening of the retrieval date (August 9), Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration (EASI) will run the retrieval program and will retrieve records of all students with academic activity within the start date and end date of each subsession and whose registration effective date is no later than June 30. The registration effective date must be set to June 30 or earlier regardless of subsession. For the Summer count, academic activities will be counted as follows:
  • F courses will be counted as at June 2
  • Y courses will be counted as at June 30
  • S courses will be counted as at July 24

PLEASE ENSURE THAT ALL ACADEMIC ACTIVITY APPROVAL DATES  ARE SET TO JUNE 2 OR EARLIER  FOR  ‘F’ COURSES, JUNE 30 OR EARLIER FOR ‘Y’ COURSES,  AND JULY 24  OR EARLIER FOR ‘S’ COURSES for those students who are legitimately in a course but whose ROSI records were not updated until after the associated count date. The registration effective date must be set to june 30 or earlier regardless of subsession.

  1. After the count retrieval, you will receive an e-mail notification that your division’s report datasets have been created. This is an additional check in ensuring that no students have been missed.
  2. After the count retrieval and before August 17, please notify us if substantive changes need to be made to your division’s records. It is possible to re-run the retrieval program for your division if using the original data will significantly impact on the accuracy of your division’s data.
  3. Documents supporting the exempt status of international students who have been exempted from paying international fees must be on file in your division and available for reference. ROSI screen 4 B B D should help to identify such students.

If you have any questions or if you need clarification, please email me at or call me at 978-4206. You may also contact your Client Service Representative.