Technical Outputs

The documents in this section will help you understand the PC/LAN and TSO output from various download functions.

Manage Resources Downloads

PC/LANTSOTechnical Output Document (PDF)
1 D A1 D BAcademic Activities
1 D C1 D DEnrolment Limits
1 D H1 D ICoordinator Information
1 D E1 D FInstructor Information
1 A F I-Name and Address Information
-1 B B H CRoom/Time Changes Scheduled for a Division


Manage Admission Downloads

PC/LANTSOTechnical Output Document (PDF)
-3 F I DAdmitted Students with Academic Averages
-3 F I AApplicants with Academic Averages
-3 F I CApplicants with Evaluation Ratings
-3 F I BApplicants with Test Scores
-3 F J BDiagnostic on Candidacy Subject POSt
3 F C3 F DGraduate Admissions Information
-3 F I FMerge Applicant Downloads (3 F I A, 3 F I B, 3 F I C)
-3 F I GRegistered New Students by Age
-3 F I ERegistered Students with Admission Info
3 F A3 F BUndergraduate Admissions Information


Student Records and Registration Downloads

PC/LANTSOTechnical Output Document (PDF)
4 F K F4 F J IActive Student Enrolment in Subject POSt
-4 F J KCore Course Load Registration
-4 F J DCourse Enrolment by Activity ORGs
-4 F J BCourse Enrolment by Post ORGs
4 F K A4 F J ACourse Load Summary
4 B C E D4 B C E CDownload Waitlist Information
4 F K B4 F J CEnrolment in Subject POSt
4 B C H-Enrolment Results
4 F K G4 F J HExchange Program/Dataset Report
4 A D B E H4 A D B E FFaculty Supervisory Information
4 F E4 F FGeneralized Production Download
4 F K D4 F J FOverall Majority Check
4 F A4 F BRegistration and Address Info
4 F C4 F DRegistration Information
4 F K E4 F J GStudent Conditions
-4 B C GStudent Directory
4 F K C4 F J EStudent Profile Information
-4 A D B E GStudent Supervisory Information
-4 B B FStudents in Activities outside Primary ORG


Support Graduation Downloads

PC/LANTSOTechnical Output Document (PDF)
-5 E AGraduated Students
-5 E BStudents Eligible to Graduate


Academic Audit Downloads

PC/LANTSOTechnical Output Document (PDF)
-6 C AAcademic Standing Statistics
-6 C BAverages Statistics
-6 C CMaster Grade Report
-6 E BOrder Exclusion Audit


Student Accounts Receivable Downloads

PC/LANTSOTechnical Output Document (PDF)
-7 E A IArrears in Previous Sessions
-7 E A JArrears Report
-7 E B CService Charge


Manage Awards and Financial Support

PC/LANTSOTechnical Output Document (PDF)
9 C A E-Arrears Information
9 C A A9 C A CInstallment Information
9 C A B9 C A DRecipient Information