Reports & Downloads

The ability of ROSI to help you is directly proportional to your ability to work with the data in ROSI. You need to analyze, monitor, compare, and summarize all sorts of data to create useful information for yourself and your division. Because each division and each department have unique needs, we have developed facilities to allow you to extract subsets of data from ROSI and to transmit that data to a work area either on your PC or on the mainframe. Once the data is in your preferred work area, you will be able to further process and display the data using software tools (e.g., Excel, Access, Word) that you prefer.

The file produced by a download is in text format that can be opened using any spreadsheet software, e.g., Excel, Access.

Downloaded data can be used as input data to other ROSI functions such as producing address labels for a group of students. In this example you would first obtain a download of the students for whom you need labels, store the result in a dataset, and give a name to that dataset. Then you would fill in the required fields on the ROSI screen … along with the name you gave to your dataset.

Some (but not all) datasets resulting from downloads can be sorted. You have to make sure to use the appropriate matching sort function. An example of a download with a matching sort function is:
3 F B – Download Undergraduate Admissions Data
3 F F – Sort Undergraduate Admissions Download Output

An example of a download and sort function that does not match is:
3 F B – Download Undergraduate Admissions Data
3 F H – Sort Graduate Admissions Download Output

In addition to ROSI’s ability to sort existing data, ROSI can take multiple copies of the same type of dataset and merge them together into one big dataset.

To further help you understand and process the data you have downloaded, we provide a Technical Output document for every ROSI download. Each document contains detailed descriptions and the layout of all the data elements included in a download. It is important that you consult the document that matches the download you are using because the file produced by the download may contain more data elements than may be of interest to you.

How to Download Data

Downloading data in ROSI is done either by:

  1. Downloading data to your PC/LAN using Entire Connect.
  2. Downloading data to a TSO dataset.

The steps involved in downloading data from ROSI to your PC/LAN are:

  1. Open Entire Connect.
  2. Choose the Download. Enter field data. Include delimiter.
  3. Download Data Window. Enter filename with .txt extension.
  4. Exit Entire Connect.

The steps involved in downloading data from ROSI to a TSO dataset are:

  1. Open ROSI and submit one of the downloads to TSO dataset.
  2. Open ISPF ([PF9] on the ROSI Main Menu) to view the dataset, customize the record length, transfer the file to your PC.