Production Requests

FormTitleCategoryNotes / Labels
sgj0459Extract Alumni Data Using the Expanded DefinitionsAlumni and Development
srj0684Extract Students for Alumni and Development Send Off ProgramAlumni and Development
sgj0259Graduates from a Start Session to an End SessionAlumni and Development
5bcaProduce Graduates or Graduands ExtractAlumni and Development
5bccProduce List for Affinity ServicesAlumni and Development
5bcbProduce Potential Graduands ExtractAlumni and Development
sbj0420Award Payment AuthorizationAwards
srj0168Batch Load of Student Award InformationAwards
srj0417Add/Change Subject POSt RecordGeneral
srj0540pAdd/Delete ADM/FIN/EXT Transcript Information CodeGeneral
3haeBatch Assign Admission DecisionGeneral
4bafBatch Change of Degree POStGeneral
3hahBatch Load Evaluation RatingGeneral
srj0547Batch Load Student Start Time for Web Load ManagementGeneral
4bcjBatch Printing Student TimetablesGeneral
4babBatch Transfer from Prior RegistrationGeneralRegistration Rollover
5agBatch Update of Department Eligibility IndicatorGeneral
srj0147Calculate Course AveragesGeneral
4cbfCalculate Percentage AveragesGeneral
srj0141Calculate Student AveragesGeneral
4bakCalculate Year of StudyGeneral
spj0092Complete list of all International Students in ROSIGeneral
1bagCompulsory Academic Activity RolloverGeneral
4baaCore Course LoadingGeneral
saj0188English FacilityGeneral
srj0566Freeze Attendance Class for Subject POSt Fees PurposeGeneral
spj0091International Students that converted to domestic status in the last 5 yearsGeneral
4baiLoad Activities from Input DatasetGeneralBatch Course Enrolment

How to prepare the dataset
1djLoad Coordinator Information from Input DatasetGeneral
1dgLoad Instructor Information from Input DatasetGeneral
smj0211Load Linked Meeting Sections for ActivitiesGeneral
3hafLoad Other Person InformationGeneral
4cabeLoad Student CommentsGeneral
4aedLoad Student ConditionGeneral
4bajLoad Thesis Title DataGeneral
spj0090New International Students starting in the FallGeneral
spj0169Non University of Toronto E-mail Address MaintenanceGeneral
sdj0015Organization Academic AuditGeneral
6dcPercentage-Based Academic Audit by OrgGeneral
1baeProcess Open Limited EnrollmentsGeneral
srj0173Recalculate Student AveragesGeneral
1bbcSessional Timetable RolloverGeneral
4bagSet Fee Assessment CodeGeneral
4badSet Associate Organization CodeGeneral
sgj0094Update Citation CodeGeneral
5baUpdate Degree Conferred DateGeneral
4bacUpdate Exmpt SubjPOSt Restr Ind from Input DatasetGeneral
smj0636Update PT and FT Calc Ind in POSt Offer TableGeneral
smj0175Upload Waitlist IndicatorGeneral
4bgbcEligible Voters by CollegeGoverning Council
4bgbaEligible Voters by NameGoverning Council
4bgbbEligible Voters by Person IdGoverning Council
4bgbdPersons Who Voted by WEBGoverning Council
siselectTo Delete Records After Each ElectionGoverning Council
4bgbeVote ResultsGoverning Council
4bgbfVotes by ConstituencyGoverning Council
1fdProduce Activity Count in FCEPlaning and Budget
sfj0216Arrears ReportStudent Accounts
sfj0136Automatic RefundStudent Accounts
sfj0134Automatic Refund REPORTS OnlyStudent Accounts
sfj0112Calculate & Apply Service ChargesStudent Accounts
srj0232Cancel Invited RegistrationsStudent Accounts
srj0248Cancel Summer Session RegistrationsStudent Accounts
srj0819Charges Required for New POSt after CHOPStudent Accounts
srj0916Extract all FINCA’d students that have been charged a UHIP feeStudent Accounts
sfj0621Extract Preliminary Student List to be Sent to the Collection AgencyStudent Accounts
sfj0131Extract Waiver InformationStudent Accounts
sfj0210Financial Counseling ReportStudent Accounts
sfj0304Financial Holds for Transcript ProductionStudent Accounts
sfj0549Generate List of International Students Who Might Need to be Charged for UHIPStudent Accounts
sfj0533_198Generate UHIP ChargesStudent Accounts
sfj0543_198Generate UHIP Reversal Charges for Students with Status = ‘FINCA’Student Accounts
sfj0515Invoice Amount/Student Balance Diagnostic ReportStudent Accounts
sfj0295Invoice Email NotificationStudent Accounts
sfj0256_0259Month End Extra Reports – (includes AR Trial Balance – Summary for AR Reconciliation; Residence Trial Balance – Summary for Residence Reconciliation; Student Account Receivable Reconciliation Report)Student Accounts
sfj0252Month End Posting to F.I.SStudent Accounts
MonthEndMonth End ReportsStudent Accounts
sfj0291Non-Registration Invoice – ResidenceStudent Accounts
sfj0290Non-Registration Paper InvoicesStudent Accounts
srj0818Payment Received For Next Session But Registration Status INVITStudent Accounts
sfj0633Process T4Student Accounts
sfj0175Process T4A – Extract and Load Data into TableStudent Accounts
sfj0031Roll Over Unused CreditStudent Accounts
sfj0613/sfj0614Small Balance Credit Write OffStudent Accounts
sfj0611/sfj0612Small Balance Debit Write OffStudent Accounts
sfj0622Stamp AR Transactions that are to be Sent to the Collection AgencyStudent Accounts
sfj0206T2202A – Determine Tuition FeesStudent Accounts
sfj0179T4A – Print Report and zip and encrypt excel file for RR DonnellyStudent Accounts
7ecaTuition Fees ReportStudent Accounts
sfj0540UHIP – Tax ReceiptsStudent Accounts
sfj0998Year End Clean-up of Month End GDG Data SetsStudent Accounts
4bgccVote Results – (Constituency)Student Affairs
4bgcaPersons Who Voted by WEBStudent Affairs
4bhdProduce Extract for Disability Services (Registration)Student Affairs
4bgcdReferendum ResultsStudent Affairs
siselectTo Delete Records After Each ElectionStudent Affairs
4bgcbVote Results: President/VP ElectionsStudent Affairs
srj0164ARefresh for AthleticsStudent Services
srj0164hStartup for HeadstartUTORauth
srj0164pHeadstart ExtractUTORauth
srj0222Hitachi Survey Population for Current Fall SessionUniversity Registrar