ROSI Data Lake

An important part of the NGSIS Platform Modernization project involves developing a copy of the ROSI database, called the Data Decision Support System, allowing staff to perform operational and analytical reports in near real time.


  • Near real-time ROSI sync
  • 99.7% up time
  • Multiple user access 24 hours a day 365 days a year
  • Secure Data Storage at a Microsoft Data Centre
  • Data encrypted at rest and in transit
  • Can be scaled up and down as needed
  • Faster than ROSI and faster as needed

Who Benefits?

  • Enhanced user experience since students no longer need to compete with admin staff for processing power

Rocket Shuttle User

  • Faster queries
  • Access to real-time data
  • Enhanced scheduling
  • Access to modern analytic tools

Divisional Leadership

  • Make better decisions with up-to-date data
  • Increased data security

Future Plans

Divisional Data Stores
Divisions can store their data in the cloud and lower data maintenance work
Benefits: Secure, auditing, no physical administration, automatic backups, Windows SQL

NGSIS Data Lake Pilot
A secure storage repository holding vast amounts of raw data in its native format
Benefits: ROSI data in near real-time
Combined analysis of central & divisional data in secure area

Data Science Virtual Machines
Cloud environment for Data Science and AI development featuring the latest tools
Benefits: More secure vs desktop access to AI & ML platforms
On-demand elastic capacity