New ACORN dashboard for heavy enrolment days
EASI is undertaking structural changes to ROSI, to improve system performance and capacity, and real-time integration with enterprise systems.

Building a Foundation for an Integrated Modern Design

NGSIS Platform Modernization

Real-time, secure communication between applications and future opportunities for better integration.

Simplified and more convenient web-based batch processing.

Compatibility with popular web browsers, including Mac.

New option for PDF output.

Single sign-on access to ROSI using UTORid.

Faster student registration – servers can efficiently handle peak registration times, when up to 15,000 students are accessing the system.
Student System - Current State
U of T Student System - Current State
NGSIS Platform Modernization Roadmap

Significant structural improvements to ROSI are underway to ensure that EASI can continue to support the many services, applications and interfaces that now integrate with ROSI.

These improvements will increase the University’s technological capacity to enhance services that will benefit students, as well as administrative staff through the NGSIS program.

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U of T Convocation Hall
ROSI browser screen


ROSI is written in Natural, a programming language which once provided flexibility and performance over other code bases but now is limited in comparison to current standards.

EASI has engaged an outside firm to convert over 2 million lines of code from Natural to JAVA. This will allow ROSI staff to access the ROSI administrative screens directly in a web browser.


The existing mainframe is approaching the end of its lifespan and is increasingly constraining functional processes. Work is underway to allocate, configure and deploy a more efficient and robust server infrastructure.

The new platform will perform more efficiently and performance overall will be better than the existing ROSI mainframe infrastructure.

ROSI Functions


The new infrastructure necessitates and creates the opportunity to update a number of secondary functions in ROSI.

Staff are actively working on all of these and will consult with affected offices over the course of the migration project.

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EASI will provide updates to the University community via various tools including this website, listservs, and meetings in the academic and affected administrative divisions.

The Student Information Systems team will be providing support in advance of, during and after the cutover to the new environment.