New Peak Load Mode for ACORN

This Friday, August 4th, ACORN will see its heaviest load of the calendar year where we expect over 31,000 students to access the system for course enrolment. In preparation for this heavy load day, and with an eye on improving the student system for the future, a specialised team within EASI and ITS has been conducting a variety of performance tests on the system.

As a result of these efforts, we’ve made a number of significant changes to the ACORN environment, including:

  • A new dashboard to students on peak load days that has less overhead on the system resources than the regular ACORN dashboard and thus loads faster in order to handle peak load on heavy enrolment days
  • Improved load balancing on the ACORN application servers, ensuring the server performance is better shared amongst the multiple servers
  • A streamlined login process that speeds up the communications between the different systems involved in authenticating and authorizing a student when accessing ACORN
  • Several other technical changes that improve overall performance in ACORN’s backend systems

Further to the technical preparations, EASI will have staff on call and on line monitoring system performance throughout the full registration day.

If you become aware of any issues in the ACORN system on August 4th, please email We will provide updates throughout the day should problems occur.