FAQs – ROSI Student Web Service Retirement

On February 15, 2018, ACORN will become U of T’s only Student Web Service. Since launching in 2015, ACORN has become the primary Student Web Service – with over 12 million logins in the past year. ACORN offers a more robust and comprehensive student experience, and U of T’s Enterprise Applications and Solutions Integration will retire the ROSI Student Web Service (SWS) to improve security and reduce redundancy between the two systems. The ROSI-SWS, renamed ROSI Alumni Transcripts, will continue to exist for alumni to request PIN resets and transcripts.

Why is this happening now?
The ROSI Student Web Service (SWS) uses older technology, and maintaining and securing it requires a significant amount of time that would be better utilized in improving other student systems, including ACORN. As well, access to the ROSI-SWS is based on a PIN rather than UTORid. The birthdate-based PIN that new students are given presents a significant security risk that needs to be addressed.

How will new students without a UTORid access ACORN?
EASI is working with the academic divisions to expand the JOINid program to all new students, including visiting students.

What about returning students who don’t have a UTORid or have forgotten their password?
UTORid was implemented in 1995. The number of returning students without a UTORid should be extremely limited. EASI is working with U of T’s Information Security and Enterprise Architecture and the Scotiabank Information Commons to communicate procedures for resetting passwords, and where possible, improving processes for students who cannot make it to campus.

What about alumni who graduated before 1995 who need to order transcripts online?
While we are retiring most of the functionality in the ROSI-SWS (course and program enrolment, address changes, invoice lookup etc.) the transcript ordering service will remain – rebranded as ROSI Alumni Transcripts. Students and alumni who used the ROSI-SWS or its predecessor, the Student Telephone Service, still have an active PIN and will have access to the transcript request form.

How will staff be affected?
The ROSI-SWS has always been a student-facing service. Staff will not be losing any access. ROSI and ROSI Express will not be affected by this change.

How will the revised ROSI-SWS website appear after February 15?

Revised ROSI-SWS Landing Page:

Revised ROSI-SWS Transcipt Page:

Revised ROSI-SWS PIN Maintenance Page: