Enhancements to ROSI and other Student Information Systems

Overall Process Outline

The Client Services & Process Integration team at EASI is available for consultation when administrative and academic divisions have questions about ROSI or other student information systems data and processes. Staff who are aware of potential changes to business practices or requirements should first consult with their divisional business process representative who may be aware of similar requirements in the division, or in other divisions.

Once the need for changes or enhancements has been established, the business process representative may submit an enhancement request form to EASI.

The enhancement request should present the issue or challenge that needs to be addressed rather than suggest or assume a solution. It should also give an indication of the impact, addressing, or not addressing the issue, would have by whatever measures (e.g., number or proportion of students, administrative time, effort or cost …).

Enhancements, to which a previous commitment may have been made by ITS, which have not yet been started or of which discrete pieces remain outstanding, will be re-evaluated and assigned priority based on the same criteria.


  • Divisional Business Process Representative submits enhancement request to a Client Services Representative at EASI
  • The Client Services & Process Integration team will investigate considering a number of factors including:
    • Business, data and system requirements addressed in the request
    • Other divisions, systems, or processes affected by the issue
    • Existing solutions or requests that may address the issue
    • Broad impact
    • Iterative solutions
  • The development team will provide a high level estimate of the effort involved
  • The Change Advisory Board will review the request and analysis and recommend priority to EASI relative to other requests. EASI will keep the Board apprised of current NGSIS and ITS roadmaps and priorities.
  • EASI will establish priority and if high priority, schedule further analysis, design and development

Change Advisory Board

The membership of the Change Advisory Board (CAB) is drawn from the Registrar’s Offices of academic divisions across the University.

Please refer to the CAB Guidelines (PDF).