NGSIS Platform Modernization

NGSIS Platform Modernization

As the next step in its evolution, NGSIS will modernize the existing ROSI infrastructure with a series of high-powered servers and refreshed code base to decrease cost and increase efficiency.

The NGSIS project team has been working with Registrars’ Offices in large divisions and with Enrolment Services to seek advice and keep them up to date on the scope and progress of the project, scheduled for completion in mid-2018.


  • Faster student registration – servers can efficiently handle peak registration times, when up to 15,000 students are accessing the system.
  • Single sign-on access to ROSI using UTORid.
  • New option for PDF output.
  • Compatibility with popular web browsers, including Mac.
  • Simplified and more convenient web-based batch processing.
  • Real-time, secure communication between applications and future opportunities for better integration.

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